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hahaha. [07 Nov 2006|11:40pm]
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hey assholes [01 Jun 2006|12:44pm]
if i just added you to my new journal, obviouslytrash, add me back. i mean, if you want.
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[26 May 2006|04:27am]
i'm peace'n out on this journal. i've had it since 10th grade and it's just too hard to find old entries that i want to read since there are so many of them.

my new one is:


incase you cared. i guess if you still read the bullshit i write, you should add my new one. it's going to be friends only because i'm sick of unwanted people reading all the nonsense that goes through my head.
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i'm on edge. [26 May 2006|03:41am]
[ mood | sleeptastic ]

i'm in altoona right now. it feels good to be home. the smell of my house is very welcoming and reminds me of my mom. she's done a lot with the place since i've last been here. i feel like it's one of the most comfortable places in the world.

on the ride here, lauren and i discussed. i like having her around. she's definitely a contributor. we're totally girlfriends and will be all summer, and i cannot complain.

tomorrow i kind of want to go check out my apartment for next fall. i have these spectacular ideas for it [probably because i hang out with jason too much], but i want to see it first hand before i can tell if they'll work or not. i hope it gives off good vibes.

i got to see shane, ash, and riz tonight... my toon favorites. they are just as fun as i remembered. i really must say i like it here, but i'd rather be in pittsburgh. it feels more like home there.

as for the novel, there's one who is nostalgic, one who hates, one who is jealous, one who won't stop trying, and one who is moving at a rapid speed... too fast for even me to understand. i just wish they would have all listened to me in the beginning. it would make life much easier. i just need to stop reading PERIOD. i don't have enough time to ever finish the ones i start.

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last night's party ruled. shoulda been there. but here's to me being a girl [treeless]... [24 May 2006|01:14am]
hit it and quit it. does that even make sense anymore? don't you have to hit it before you quit it? no, not in my world. in my world you have full intentions on hitting it and quitting it, until you're too scared to hit it and find out you actually find the person too interesting to quit it. this is a current issue in my life. commitment? no thank you. not for a long time. but why do i feel completely inspired by the person in my current situation? is ashlyn becoming a softy? it's absurd. she can't. she can't because she's moving 3 1/2 hours away AND because this is just weird. completely fucking weird. you read books that i read, think things that i think [and am too shy and care too much about if i look stupid or not to discuss], and am fascinated by daily functions and ideas much like i am. what the fuck. i almost put myself to sleep over this shit tonight. my comatose state at miss krainski's house this evening lead to an abrubt departion on my part. i'm sorry, but this is all too much for trashlyn to think about in 48 hours [obviously the amount of time it took her to discover her newly found admiration for a completely opposite human being]. let me sleep on it.


you know what? nevermind. that lasted about 2 days. there are too many things that bother me right now.
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[22 May 2006|02:53am]
i say fuck a whole bunch.
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haters wanna hate. lovers wanna love. [22 May 2006|02:13am]
[ mood | yea you know, sick still. ]

i need to stop caring about all of the things in my past 2 weeks of entries. i just need to live life. i need to be with my friends and make new ones. i need to take better care of myself so that i'm not always sick and am fully able to live. no one wants to hear my bitch sessions. i realize this. i miss people. i miss so many people. people come and go in my life so often, i'm not sure how i remember everyone. just two days ago someone came up to me in urban and said... "ashlyn? is your name... ashlyn?" i was so confused. apparently this kid remembered me from philly 5 years ago. ridiculous. i like that i am memorable. it makes me feel important... almost as if i've impacted the life of someone in some discrete way.

last night there was a cuddle puddle in lauren's bed. i touched her nipple on accident and she does weird things in her sleep. i would randomly think of these moments at work today and burst into laughter. things like this make my world go round. i've also decided that when i am drunk sleeping i like to claw at my jeans or my sheets. this is a new tid bit about the trash that i bet yinz didn't know. today i ate at ruru's with sean and lauren. we watched grandma's boy afterwards. i love how it's 40-some degrees and constantly rainy in pittsburgh. tomorrow is brett's birthday party. i get to meet alex and see tons of people that i love to spend moments with. i was looking forward to this day since the past week or so had been lacking.

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me and my supagayness [20 May 2006|03:02am]
wanna hear about what cool new things have been happenin to trash lately?

sweet. betchu do.

-sore throat from hell
-no money
-PINK EYE [just discovered]
-hangover from hell today
-feel terribly lazy lately
-my roomates are currently bone-ing and i hear them. she's loud.
-everyone downstairs is chain smoking... it's trailing to my room and i can't breathe.

my red lipstick isn't doing a very good job at keeping my self esteem awesome like it usually does. in fact, it might get fired. my eye is seriously pussing white garbage all over the place. hopefully none of my friends are infested with all of the diseases i've accumulated through the days.

holy crap. yeah. i should go to bed. 10am comes very fast.
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fuckshitpisssassajdjfdajk. [19 May 2006|12:54pm]
[ mood | the jacket is a good movie. ]

do my money problems ever come to an end? ever? nope. the answer is that they don't. i got a stupid parking ticket this morning. not so sure how i'm gona pay for that one.

last night i drank lots of whiskey and was probably obnoxious. it ruled.

what did not rule, however, was how my head felt this morning. i had weird fucking dreams last night too. well, whatever. i just want everyone to know that i love llauren krainski and that is the end of things.

ps shannon and i didn't get to hang out because i suck. i can't go out to eat with her today either because i'm poor as fuck. my life seriously rules. jealous?

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making love to your memory [17 May 2006|03:37pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i am really sick. i have a terrible cold. this really pisses me off because all i want to do is dress cute and go outside and do cute things. this, however, may be a good thing because i don't have money. if i stay in my house, i don't spend money. whatever. i'm excited for things:

-watching da vinci code and x3
-seeing vee in new york
-meeting burkat
-hanging out with shannon sometime soon [there aren't enough girls in my life]
-getting unsick
-getting my paycheck and buy a bathing suit
-going to 3 different beaches [w/ or w/o bros] and cedar point this summer
-getting my tattoo finished [will this ever happen?]
-for ryan to come visit me
-buying more short dressies and belts and tights

yea, that's about it for now. i would really like some visitors. if you're on the following list and don't visit me within a month, good luck living.

-jess antol
-abby holsinger
-ashley collier
-emily beck
-morgan yingling
-shane kaler
-ryan brisini
-jerry and ham malone
-rachel green

if you're not on the list, lucky you.

i'm going to go back to sleep and try to not die of a runny nose.

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[12 May 2006|10:15pm]
i am miserable. my car got towed today. jon and i got in a big fight cause won't pay his share of the rent. he always says i make him feel "awkward". i am poor as fuck. i ate too much. i refuse to answer my phone today because i'm so damn sad.
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[11 May 2006|02:02pm]
[ mood | pist ]

gbreth just gave me a list of utilities to pay this month... equaling up to about 200$. i'm not paying them. jon is supposed to pay utilities this month since he didn't pay rent. fuck this. i'm not made of money, and the kid that is making the most in this house is not paying rent? yea... no.

i'm also an unpaid taxi-cab driver. it's raining. i don't want to work at 5 because i don't feel like getting out of my pjs. tonight will quite possibly be spent angry at the world. amen.

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pointless [08 May 2006|07:32pm]
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ch'mon [22 Apr 2006|11:52am]
[ mood | blah ]

lately =
-so much school work
-hanging with jason + pghbros
-going to sweet shows

i had easter with jason at the cheesecake factory. we also go to parties and get drunk. sometimes we even play board games and i write on his friends.

i finished my nigeria is down with opp project, so that's sweet.

i saw the best show of my life last night involving the best trio set list that anyone could ever imagine. i went with jonny. he's the bomb.

there is an oakland party tonight. i'll prolly get real shitty and wake up on someone's floor.

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MY GIRL [01 Apr 2006|12:49pm]
[ mood | calm ]

lately, things have been fun.

i got to see mitch when he was in town. he had his band buddies over. we went to the 30 seconds, emanual, aiden show. my opinion, emanual stole the show. it was good seeing him, but i kinda wish him, jason, and i could have went to half price alone like old times.

the other night was nate the merchandiser's going away party. ashley and i gave jill the boss a lap dance. everyone was drunk. yvette tried to hook me up with mike rock's brother. it was a damn hilarious/good time.

last night minerich stayed over. he went to a show up here and needed a play to crash. we drank 40s and watched tattoo shows. it was a good time.

last night while sleeping i had a dream i was hanging out with little me. my mom was there too. it was kind of like the family guy movie, except little me wasn't trying to get big me laid. little me was so cute and it was before i could talk. i just sat there like a porecelin doll with longggg hair and big brown eyes. whatever. i'm weird. time to get ready for work.

people come do fun things with me up here! walk around town, go to the zoo, take pictures, go on bike rides, play dress up and do something ridiculous, basketball in the play ground near my house, etc etc. come on! it's nice out now : )

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the other day was so old school. [26 Mar 2006|09:21am]
[ mood | blah ]

the trinity once again united, and it was fucking sweet.

we are perverts....
Image hosting by Photobucket

who like to have fun...
Image hosting by Photobucket

meet new people...
Image hosting by Photobucket

hang out with old friends...
Image hosting by Photobucket

and make important people feel special on birthdays.
Image hosting by Photobucket

i think we are pretty good people.
it's off to work i go. i'm excited for no reason.

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so damn broke. [22 Mar 2006|01:49pm]
shit. speaking of tattoos, i guess i never posted my first session on here.

Image hosting by Photobucket

session 2: april 3rd. tree begins.
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[22 Mar 2006|11:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey dudes and dudettes. i think i am going to make a collage of all of my friends' tattoos. if you have sweet tattoos, you can either comment here with a picture or let me take a picture personally. if i know you have sweet tattoos and you don't respond, i'll come fucking hunt you down.

you all suck.

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[20 Mar 2006|12:46am]
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2 entries in a day?! wtf?! [05 Mar 2006|12:22am]
today at work, we were talking about our boy and girl part names. i named mine tinkerbell, stef named hers layla, and ben named his tummy:

Image hosting by Photobucket

yeah. haha.

tyrel made me almost pee laughing today.
"you're a big task"
"you're like, like the apprentice. know what i mean?"
that whole situation will never get old.

on the other hand, i miss this boy...

Image hosting by Photobucket

although i'm not sure why. ahhaha. jkjk.

but for serious. i need to pack and things.

EDIT: ahhahaha i thought this was funny:

"March 5 through March 11 is Illinois and Indiana Severe Weather Awareness Week

Severe weather in the form of tornadoes, deadly lightning, flash foods, damaging winds, and destructive hail strike Illinois each spring, summer and fall, sometimes with incredible violence."

SWEET we're gona die. hahaahahaha.

EDIT #2: it must be good show week in chicago, because so far, i see that belle and sebastian/new pornographers, aloha, anathallo, ted leo, and of montreal are all playing on different days. what the fuck! i can't even sleep because i'm so happy. i think that i'm just going to go see aloha and anathallo, though. i don't want to spend all of my money. but jesus! it's 5:30am and i can't sleep because i'm lame! oh fuck, and brett gave me a red bull. no wonder.
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